The Pressieme app is now launched on the Google Play Store and we are very excited.  This first version comes with a photo sending facility to allow you to send a gift list directly to your friends, family member or loved one. You can also share on Social streams is your are in the mood or just to let everyone know about this great app. The idea is simple – we all want something nice for special occasions but it doesnt always work out. How many times have you returned the Worst Gifts ever or just put them in the closet never to be seen again. Well with PressieMe you can send everything someone needs to know in one message which stays in the app so they have it whenever they need to buy. The app also comes with a handy geolocation feature so that the sender can automatically let the receiver know where they gift can be bought. The app is live in for Android deviced in UK, Ireland and USA initially with Worldwide roll out within a few weeks. So what are you waiting for – PressieMe?