jmg_pressieme_photo1_smallThe story behind the idea for the PressieMe app is a simple one. Having spent alot of time traveling with his job creator Jason McGee found himself in airport duty free shops staring at the perfume counter trying to remember what his wife would like for a gift on his return. He thought it was hard to remember exactly what perfume his wife likes especially when she likes quite  few. So Jason resorted to taking a photo of the perfume rack at home before leaving but that didnt help as there were a mixture of fragrances she liked and also a mix of poor gift choices from previous trips. What to do? So the idea for a gifting app was born where one person could take a picture of a wanted gift on the phone and send to a loved one with all the details, a message and even a location where it can be bought. Then the receiver just loads the app next time the are standing in the gift aisle and they will see the full list of gift suggestions from their loved one.

“The first time I showed it to a lady working in a local pharmacy her eyes lit up” says Jason. “She told me that she often gets women in looking at gifts they want but complaining that partners just wont get the hint. This solves that problem and brings the buyer back to shop to buy it from the source.”

The first version is only available in Android and is only available in Ireland UK and USA initially but will have a Worldwide roll out within weeks. The Apple version is planned for release in Jan 2017.

“I am especially delighted I came up with the idea because I have always wanted a Vespa scooter and sent the very first PressieMe to my wife .. and hey presto … the beautiful bike arrived yesterday”. said Jason.

Download the PressieMe App For Android here.

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