The PressieMe app will feature as the #Louthchat #Starbiz on Tuesday 17th Dec 2019. The popular Twitter network promotes businesses and supports members based in Co. Louth in Ireland. The group which has been running for several years is most active on Tuesday nights where the group actively work to create Irelands most popular hastag for a featured “Starbiz”. This Tuesday the starbiz will be @pressieme and it will be the last promoted business of 2019.”I am thrilled we could get the Christmas slot as its a perfect time to promote the PressieMe gifting app.” said founder Jason McGee. “This group has the power and passion to promote any business to be trending number 1 in Ireland and I am hoping for that this Tuesday.”

The group will be using the #Louthchat and #Pressieme tags from 8pm to 9pm on Tuesday 17th Dec 2019 so put your feet up and join in all the Twitter fun on the night and you could win an AllForOne voucher in return for your efforts.